Synthese Topical Collection: Temporal Reasoning and Tensed Truths

Matteo Pascucci (Slovak Academy of Sciences) and I are pleased to announce that we are editing a topical collection for the philosophy journal Synthese, devoted to temporal reasoning and tensed truths.

The topical collection is open to any submission dealing with issues around truth and time and making use of logical tools. However, we would like to especially raise attention on the formalization of arguments taken from everyday reasoning, where alternative logical frameworks could be tested with a view on potential applications to problem-solving.

Appropriate topics for submission include, among others:

Formal accounts of tensed truths
Grounds for tensed truths
Logics for chronologically definite and indefinite propositions
Reasoning problems involving time
Temporal vs atemporal notions of truth
Truth-value of tensed statements
The unrestricted application of bivalence
The absoluteness of utterance-truth
The problem of future contingents
Truthmakers for tensed truths

The deadline for submission: 28 February 2023 (via

More information is available here: